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Commercial and Offices:

• Silva International Foods, Momence, IL (Click to see page)

• Calumet Carton Expansion, South Holland, IL

• Northwest Indiana Clinics, Hammond, IN (Click to see page)

• Niemeyer Stone & Dirt, IN (Click to see page)

• MonoSol Corporate Headquarters, Merrillville, IN

• Urban Retail Propertiers Corporate Offices, Chicago, IL

• Van Drunen Farms Expansion: Momence, IL

• Alsip Nursery Expansion, St. John, IN

• Keller Williams Office, Schererville, IN

• Harvest Financial, Schererville, IN

• Kamp Accountants, Schererville, IN

• Midwest Insurance, Schererville, IN

• 119th St. Professional Center, Hammond, IN