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Green Design

We have a new focus on energy efficient designs using renewable energy and materials. We encourage all our clients to pursue either green design or sustainable design. The two terms are used pretty widely in our social environments and the two design methods are quite different. Keeping it simple to understand, sustainable design focuses on providing a building with the ability to function with the use of renewable energy sources and site specific energy sources in order to function without pollution. Green design focuses more on the on the reduction of environmental impacts during the manufacturing or production of building components, construction processes, and the lifecycle of the building to minimize the impact of pollution on the surrounding environment.. VRA actively pursues green design on all of our projects.

We have been green conscious by reusing existing cubicles and workstations to furnish our new office space. We also actively recycle with in our office. As part of our own green initiative we have reduced the amount of paper and filing needs by using email and computer filing systems. Technology has increased our ability to become more efficient to where our designers have complete access to email, phone messages, and faxes via the computer. We have reduced the need for additional office space and square footage by minimizing the amount of paper and filing that normally used to accumulate around each cubicle workstation. Our firm has completely gone mobile where our designers can work off site and video conference in via skype as needed. We feel this type of work environment promotes the freedom each worker desires and gains efficiencies without having any negative impact on the project deliverables. This type of work environment will reduce gas emissions and other waste that effects our environment.